The Pathways for Carers program is an innovative approach to much-needed carer support in your local area.

If you are a local government representative interested in supporting this wonderful initiative, we have partnership opportunities available for local government organisations and local businesses alike.

As a local government representative, you will have the opportunity to foster growth, self-confidence, capacity, and skills of Lead Carers by supporting them to engage in the tasks associated with running Pathways walks. You will also assist in the sustainability of Pathways for Carers walks within the local community by promoting and supporting the concepts and processes involved. You will also listen to and learn from the carers’ experiences as these may inform local government’s professional practices.

We are also seeking expressions of interest from local businesses to sponsor the complimentary morning tea. A worthwhile investment in the well-being of your local community!

If you are an interested local government representative or business who would like to make a difference in the lives of local carers then please fill out our inquiry form below. We look forward to hearing from you!